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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

At your service for flawless popcorn ceiling removal in Woodbridge, Ontario. If you still have an acoustic ceiling at your place and like to see it gone, all you have to do is talk with us. Send us a message or call to learn more, get a free estimate, have answers to your questions. Having the popcorn ceiling removed is a big thing. It’s also a big decision for you since it’s a job that makes mess. Depending on when the popcorn ceiling was first applied, it may contain asbestos and thus be harmful. Even if it’s just a textured ceiling design, which is harmless but just outdated, it’s best to turn to our team. That’s because removing popcorn ceiling and refinishing is no easy task and still must be done to perfection. Don’t you want the best on the job?

Woodbridge popcorn ceiling removal by licensed painters

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Woodbridge

We have a long experience in popcorn ceiling removal Woodbridge services. Since this task is not easy and makes a lot of dust, homeowners avoid it until they cannot avoid it anymore. It is often included in a whole package of interior painting service, but we are also often asked to remove popcorn ceiling and refinish to modernize the space.

Whether it has to do with aesthetic purposes or health reasons, popcorn ceilings are removed as soon as you want the service. So, if you have decided or if it’s quite urgent to get done with this task, don’t hesitate to make contact with Woodbridge Painting Service.

Trust us with the removal of popcorn ceiling and refinishing

Removing popcorn ceilings takes expertise, good gear, the proper equipment, and great skills. Since this task makes a lot of mess, the pros primarily focus on fully covering the room and sealing it so that the dust won’t travel to the adjacent spaces. Once the popcorn texture is scraped, any blemishes are addressed, and the ceiling is primed and finished as agreed. So, one of the few things we discuss when we talk about your project is your ceiling design and color preferences. And you can count on our consultation and advice.

Let’s talk about your popcorn ceiling removal service

Missed having a flat ceiling? Wanted to have the popcorn ceiling removed quite some time now and this day has finally arrived? Or, did you move to a house and fear that the living room popcorn ceiling may contain asbestos and so you want it removed? Whatever your case, contact us. Let’s talk quotes, process, ceiling designs.

Once in fashion, popcorn ceiling designs are now outdated – and as we explained, likely dangerous. They were also preferred for their capacity to absorb sound but today there are better and safer methods to isolate noise. If it’s time to say goodbye to the acoustic ceiling texture, don’t wait. Let us modernize your ceiling and make your place healthy. Contact us to discuss your Woodbridge popcorn ceiling removal service.